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Sibling owners

Meet sibling owners, Juan & Luisa Hernandez. They are 2 of 10 siblings! Yes! You read that right, 2 of 10 siblings! 

They have worked very, very hard to be able to make their dream come true of becoming business owners. On October 2022 they decided to become business partners and that is when their business journey began. They finally found a space that fit what they were looking for. It took them over 7 months to build this place up as it was just an empty space. They want to provide a clean and kid-friendly space for everyone to enjoy, as our customers also include small children.

Our Amazing team!

We are so thankful for each and everyone of our team members!

Top Picture Features: (Left to Right) 
Jason, Hector, Juan (Owner), Luisa (Owner), & Eric.

Jason & Eric are our sibling cashiers!! They will be in charge of taking orders and handling the cash register. We are so happy and thankful to have them at the shop!

Hector joined our team to help us prepare our daily vegetables and to make your delicious sandwiches!

Bottom Picture Features Luisa (Owner), Gael, & Monica with a big smile. Monica is a very kind and happy person, and she is also a very hard worker! Gael is the "mini boss," he is a sweet and respectful kid. He is excited to be able to work at the sandwich shop when he is older!

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